The American Nurse

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ANA is pleased to introduce an enhanced communications program for ANA members in 2017. As a part of the new publishing mix, The American Nurse newspaper will no longer be published as of November/December 2016.

End of an era

For 48 years, The American Nurse has been the official member news periodical of the American Nurses Association. As such, it has been a witness to history as the association’s work has mirrored changes in the profession and the larger society. For more than four decades, it has documented the work of the association, its leaders, state and constituent nurses associations and individual nurse members. The rich history of the association has been reflected in the voices and expertise shared in opinion pieces, interviews, news stories and photo spreads.

Through its pages, The American Nurse has helped to inspire, inform and lead the profession. We appreciate the dedication and commitment to excellence of its editors, staff members and contributors.  The November/December 2016 issue was the last issue of The American Nurse. As we embark on a new approach to member periodicals, beginning in January 2017, we offer appreciation for the role that The American Nurse has played and reaffirm our commitment to retaining the spirit of excellence in our future publishing mix.   

The American Nurse archives and web site at will remain available as member resources.

Stay up to date with ANA’s New, enhanced member communications program for 2017.

For information or assistance, please contact ANA member services.