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ANA publishes monographs, books, and other resources that provide nurses with case studies, explain emerging issues, and report on nursing quality and patient care research. 

Case Studies about Performance Improvement in NDNQI-Participating Hospitals
The NDNQI monographs are biannual publications that present case studies on the quality-related successes of hospitals that participate in NDNQI. In each monograph, hospitals that have sustained an improvement in a designated nursing-sensitive indicator share their NDNQI experiences, in the words of the nurses who worked with the data that demonstrated improved patient outcomes.

Each case study in the monograph:

  • summarizes the hospital’s startup efforts
  • details how the hospital measured quality and reported on it
  • explains the resulting quality improvement
  • discusses the historical context of the NDNQI program

The monographs provide tools to improve multiple nursing-sensitive indicators. They are an excellent reference guide for healthcare staff concerned with quality issues:  staff nurses, CEOs, nurse executives, NDNQI site coordinators, educators, researchers, and quality improvement professionals.

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