Nursing Feedback on New Measure Sets

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ANA regularly provides comment with input from the greater nursing community on measures under consideration for endorsement. Staff monitors the work of the Steering Committees and TAPS.  ANA meets quarterly with representatives of the NQF Nursing Organizational Members and more frequently with those of the American Academy of Nursing to develop strategies to increase nursing visibility in the work of the greater quality enterprise.

The process for soliciting input on measures/standards is as follows:

  1. A call for comments is received
  2. Staff disseminates the call to:
    • ANA Board of Directors
    • CMAs
    • Organizational Affiliates
    • AAN Expert Panel on Quality
    • Selected Reviewers
  3. Comments received are synthesized by staff
  4. Formal comments are reviewed and signed by the ANA President and CEO
  5. Staff advances the comments on behalf of ANA