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Determine a set number and type of staff to be allocated for an anticipated workload and defined future time period, typically four to twelve weeks. Translate budget and forecast into a tactical plan for meeting expected patient volumes, service and care requirements.



Software Considerations


Core component of the workforce management process at an organizational level.

Components, generic process, examples, considerations, dependencies.

When evaluating workforce management to support this phase, check for:

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Establish scheduling policies

Set policies based on evidence-based shared vision for staffing & desired outcomes. Consider: fairness, responsibility for scheduling, timeframes, regulatory/union requirements

Flexibility in scheduling rules
Ease of setting scheduling rules
Promotes process consistency of fairness and justice

Plan for coverage of non-productive hours

Account for non-productive hours in the scheduling process and determine how you will meet demand: overtime, float pool, agency, etc.

Support inclusion of staff not primarily assigned to a unit, into that units scheduling process

Build schedule

Determine core staffing model and build schedule, shifts and staffing grid based on forecast with flexibility to match updated volumes and patient needs

Intuitive user interface
Maximize accessibility
Flexible views
Access to historical schedules
Copy-forward capability

Review scheduling rules

Review scheduling rules particular to specific schedule period. Competency based schedules require balancing of skills and core coverage during high and volume metrics

Robust rules engine to translate policies into scheduling rules


Schedule staff

Assign staff to open shifts based on needs and staff preferences, or open schedule for staff self-scheduling

Scheduling interface that matches methodologies used within the organization
Intuitive user interfaces
Mobile self-scheduling
Approval workflows
Shared staff
Flexible posting dates Automated processing
Web access for employees to see posted schedule
Ease of accessing staff and FTE data
Schedule full and partial shifts