Racial & Ethnic Minority Communities

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Current Healthy Work

Recognizing that racial and ethnic minority communities have distinct health beliefs and substantial unmet needs when seeking healthcare, this page has been designed to provide the professional nurse with both a general overview of racial/ethnic health disparities in the United States and access to a variety of culturally-specific support tools to identify unmet needs in vulnerable populations.

The materials provided here have been gathered from multiple reliable resources, including government agencies, community groups, and research committees. The list is not exhaustive; it represents the ANA’s beginning efforts to meet the growing demand for relevant, high-quality clinical support tools that can be applied to meeting the needs of diverse patient populations.

We invite you to leave your comments and share similar materials that you may come across or develop and that you believe would benefit the larger nursing community. It is our hope that Diversity Awareness in Professional Nursing will continue to be a collective and enriching effort for all nurses.

Please don’t be offended if we missed something…we welcome your help and expertise so drop us a comment below.