Expert Policy Analysis

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Developing rich, useful policy is one of the core functions of ANA.  In carrying out this mission, the policy experts in ANA's Department of Nursing Practice and Policy serves as the "think tank" for the organization. 

With their rich backgrounds in clinical nursing, health care delivery, public health, law, informatics, and economics, the department staff examine policy trends, challenges, and opportunities.  They apply their knowledge, experience, and political savvy in developing critical analysis that represents the thinking of ANA.  This serves as a guide for the organization in its internal policy decisions, as well as influencing the external policy world with nursing's valuable input.  

To help bring this thinking home, the policy experts presents Issue Briefs.  Linked below, these documents explore some of the most pressing and exciting policy areas for the profession of nursing. 

In addition, ANA policy influences comments that are submitted to the federal government, reflecting ANA's opinion on how proposed federal rules, regulations, policies or guidance affect nurses and patients.  Visit the ANA's Health Care Reform Action site to see more.