Retired Position Statement: Registered Nurse Education Relating To The Utilization of Unlicensed Assistive Personnel - 4/13/92

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Retired ANA Position Statement - 4/13/92

The educational preparation and clinical experiences in practice for nurses, set the frame for their individual perceptions of their scope of practice. Since there is a variation in basic nursing education, nurses in the workplace have conflicting perceptions of what constitutes a nurse's legal accountability and how and what can be delegated when working with unlicensed assistive personnel (UAPS). Clearly, the legal regulation of nursing practice is defined by each state nursing practice act, but practice acts differ reflecting the uniqueness of their history, practice and beliefs. The ANA recognizes that an understanding of the core of "what is nursing" and "what constitutes the practice of nursing" is an essential component for each nurse and each nursing service in determining the appropriate utilization of unlicensed assistive personnel.

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