ANA Advises Federal Agencies

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ANA staff from the Health Policy Department review and analyze federal agency decisions, regulations, and rules affecting registered nurses, our profession, our patients, and the public health. The Administrative Procedures Act requires Executive Branch departments and agencies to publish these in the Federal Register, allow an opportunity for public comments, and take those into account when issuing a final rule or regulation. Once final, rules and regulations become part of the Code of Federal Regulations. Notices of public meetings and requests for nominees to federal panels are also published in the Federal Register.

ANA often provides feedback to federal policymakers through written comments. These are often collaborative efforts both within ANA and with our Constituent/State Nursing Associations, organizational affiliates, and other nursing and healthcare organizations. The Affordable Care Act requires many agencies and departments to implement regulations to carry out its policies. ANA is especially vigilant regarding Health Care Reform, now called "ACA" (short for the full title of the law, the Affordable Care Act) actions that impact nursing, especially those that offer the chance to overcome longstanding barriers to optimal nursing practice.

Resources for Submitting Regulatory Comments & Letters
We encourage ANA members, Constituent/State Nursing Associations, and organizational affiliates to submit comments on agency decisions. Some resources are provided below to help you with that process.

2016 ANA Regulatory Comments

  • Letter from ANA to HHS concerning comments to the Common Rule, dated January 6, 2016
    On September 8, 2015, HHS and 15 other federal agencies requested comments on proposed updates to the Common Rule, a common set of Federal regulations developed to promote uniformity, understanding, and compliance with human subject protections as well as to create a uniform body of regulations across federal departments and agencies. ANA’s letter to the Director of the HHS Office for Human Research Protections expressed support for the intent to better protect human subjects involved in research while facilitating valuable research and reducing burden, delay, and ambiguity for investigators, as well as the broad goal to modernize, simplify, and enhance the current system of oversight. ANA’s letter noted, however, that the proposed rule lacks clarity and precise definitions and concepts on a number of important topics. ANA urged OHRP refrain to from including in the final rule topics that are undeveloped in this proposed rule. ANA’s letter also noted that informed consent should be simple and offer more meaningful, culturally appropriate engagement, and that the proposed rule does not provide clear definitions of broad consent or adequate explanation for how and when such consent should be used. The letter also expressed concerns about the proposed exclusions and exemptions and recommended clarification concerning the guidelines for obtaining a waiver of consent.

2015 ANA Regulatory Comments