Advocacy - Becoming More Effective

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At 3.6 million in the US, registered nurses represent the largest segment of health professionals. As such, nurses not only have the ability to be an incredible force by sheer numbers, but policy makers also rely upon nurses' expertise. For 15 years, nurses outranked all other professions in Gallup's annual honesty and ethics survey and are viewed as the most trusted profession.

We in government do not have government by the majority. We have government by the majority who participate. (Thomas Jefferson)

ANA is committed to growing nurses' political leadership skills, formally (the American Nurses Advocacy Institute) and informally (resources and tools). Upon completion, each Fellow is to be available to counsel the SNA in establishing legislative / regulatory priorities, recommend strategies for execution of the advancement of a policy issue, and educate colleagues about the political realities. It is also assumed the Fellow will assist in advancing ANA's agenda.

The American Nurses Association (ANA) created the American Nurses Advocacy Institute (ANAI) is a prestigious year-long mentored program for the purpose of developing nurses into political leaders while expanding the grassroots capacity for the nursing profession and health care. To be considered for endorsement by a state nurses association, the nurse must be a full member (ANA and a state nurses association (SNA). Upon completion, each ANAI Fellow is equipped to advise the SNA in establishment of legislative / regulatory priorities, recommend strategies for execution of the advancement of a policy issue, and educate members about the political realities as well as assist in advancing nursing's agenda.

For more information: Vision and Goals, FAQs and Sample Agenda [members only]

Resources and Tools

Conducting a Political Environmental Scan
Provides the key elements that affect the choice in strategy(s) when trying to advance legislation or regulation. [members only]

Political Action Committees (PACs) - What Are They and Why Should I Care
Includes a description of ANA's political endorsement process and list of supports. [members only]

Regulatory Guide
Provides recommended considerations when newly created / expanded healthcare workforce roles are being proposed such as the Community Paramedic, Community Health Worker etc. Enhances the ANA Essential Principles for Utilization of Community Paramedics [members only]

Tracking and Interpreting Bills

Messaging to advance a legislative / regulatory agenda / initiative includes

Coalition Building Guide
Available ONLY through the American Nurses Advocacy Institute