Provision 3 Resources

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  1. ANA Leadership Institute Competency Model 8/13
  2. ANA Position Statement on Privacy and Confidentiality
  3. ANA Position Statement on Professional Role Competence (reaffirmed 11/14.)
  4. ANA Position Statement on Abuse of Prescription Drugs (this was from 1991- have we looked at it since?
  5. ANA’s Resolution Statement on The Profession’s Response to the Problem of Addictions and Psychiatric Disorders in Nursing (no date listed on site)
  6. Barnsteiner, J. (2011). Teaching the Culture of Safety. The Online Journal of Issues in Nursing. Vol 16, No. 3 Sept. 2011.
  7. Basic HHS Policy for Protection of Human Research Subjects. Code of Federal Regulations TITLE 45. Public Welfare- Dept. of HHS, Part 46 (Revised 2009)
  8. Impaired Nurse Toolkit- Organization of Maine Nurse Executives
  9. Lachman, VD; Murray, JS; & Ganske, KM. (2012). Doing the right thing: Pathways to moral courage. American Nurse Today, May 2012: vol. 7; no. 5.
  10. The AACN Synergy Model for Patient Care (Nurse competencies)
  11. Weaver, SJ; Dy, S; Lubomski, LH; & Wilson, R. (2013). Chapter 33 Promoting a Culture of Safety in Making Health Care Safer II: An Updated Critical Analysis of the Evidence for Patient Safety Practices. Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality; Mar. 2013.
  12. 2015 Institute for Healthcare Improvement. Develop a Culture of Safety.