Kathryn Ganske PhD RN

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Katheryn Ganske
Director and Associate Professor
Shenandoah University Division of Nursing

Dr. Ganske has been in nursing education for 16 years and director of the Division of Nursing at Shenandoah University for three years. She holds a BSN from Indiana University, a MSN from George Mason University, a MA in Bioethics from the University of Virginia, and a PhD from the University of Virginia. Her interest in ethics began as a doctoral student at UVA where she studied the ethical implications of family caregiving. A former chair of the SU IRB, she currently serves on the Ethics Committee at the Winchester Medical Center. She serves on the Virginia Nurses Association Committee on Ethics and Human Rights. She is currently completing work on a qualitative study of moral reasoning in clinical nurses and is interested in moral distress in academia and if student moral choices translate into RN moral choices in the workplace. She teaches both graduate and undergraduate students classes in bioethics and ethics and genomics.