More Online Respondents Reported Workplace Violence, According to Poll

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Workplace Violence Graph

The American Nurses Association (ANA) would like to thank all NursingWorld visitors for participating in its biweekly "HAVE YOUR SAY" poll. The poll had recently asked visitors if they have experienced workplace-related violence in their nursing career.

According to the poll, 75% of the respondents reported to experiencing workplace violence while only 25% reported that they have not. These percentages were based on the 338 total votes submitted.

To participate in the poll, go to the NursingWorld homepage and answer the new poll question under the section titled "HAVE YOUR SAY". A new poll will be posted on a biweekly basis, and results from the previous will be made available.

"Have your Say" polls are snapshots taken during a brief period of time that reflect the views of users who choose to share their opinions on a variety of issues. The polls are not designed or intended to reflect a statistically valid representation of the population and should not be used as such.