New OJIN Topic - Delivering Nursing Care: Current Factors to Consider

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The six new articles in the May 31, 2013 OJIN: The Online Journal of Issues in Nursing topic, Delivering Nursing Care: Current Factors to Consider discuss a variety of factors that may impact nursing care.  

The journal editors invite you to share your response to this OJIN topic by sending a Letter to the Editor or by submitting a manuscript that will further the discussion of this topic about the emerging presence of social media in healthcare which has been initiated by these introductory articles.

ANA members have the first opportunity and must LOGIN to access the most recent OJIN topic. When each new topic is posted, the previous topic becomes available to all viewers. This topic will be available after September 30, 2013

The January 31, 2013 OJIN topic, "Patient and Visitor Violence: What Do We Know? What Can We Do? " is now accessible to all readers.