New Teaching IOM and Companion Student Guide Now Available

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Teaching IOM: Implications of the Institute of Medicine Reports for Nursing Education (3rd edition) helps nurse educators enrich students’ learning experience by illustrating in a clear, easy-to-use format how the Institute of Medicine reports are critical to understanding nursing’s future.

The book explains the importance of the IOM’s groundbreaking Future of Nursing report, as well as nine other new IOM reports and fresh analysis on 30 more IOM reports.

No other volume gives nurse educators this level of in-depth focus on the relationship between IOM reports and the ANA Scope and Standards of Nursing practice. With new instructional strategies and more than 45 practice topics, Teaching IOM’s new edition is a must-have for nurse educators.

The companion book, Learning IOM:  Implications of the Institute of Medicine Reports for Nursing Education, is tailored explicitly to nursing students, and works hand-in-glove with the concepts outlined in Teaching IOM.