HHS Activities in Response to the Earthquake in Japan and Pacific Tsunami

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The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services is prepared to provide with public health and medical support to the government of Japan, the state of Hawaii, and states along the West Coast should assistance be needed in the aftermath of today’s earthquake in Japan and subsequent tsunami.

HHS is deploying a Disaster Medical Assistance Team of more than 35 healthcare professionals, advanced logistics team, and a command and control team, called an Incident Response Coordination Team, to Travis Air Force Base in California, as well as caches of medical equipment and supplies. From the Air Force base, the teams and equipment can deploy quickly wherever they are needed if requested by states or territories in the region or by the government of Japan.

Additional HHS teams are on alert, ready to deploy if needed to provide emergency medical care, staff medical shelters, augment community hospital staff, provide veterinary care, or conduct disaster mortuary operations.

HHS regional emergency coordinators are also in contact with state and territory health officers to ensure states have the resources necessary to respond.

The Administration on Aging is monitoring the situation with the state, tribal and local agencies on aging in impacted area to ensure safety of older adults in potentially impacted areas.

All tsunami resources will be posted on CDC's Tsunami webpage:

The CDC Emergency twitter account (http://twitter.com/CDCEMERGENCY) will be tweeting basic messages pointing to our pages (e.g. "There are safety and health concerns following a tsunami – learn more: http://emergency.cdc.gov/disasters/tsunamis/") and re tweeting HHS, FEMA and other federal agency messages.