Two ANA Resources Address Bullying in the Workplace

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“Sticks and stones might break my bones, but words can never hurt me.” This nursery rhyme couldn’t be further from the truth. Repeated exposure to negative, disruptive behavior can have a significant impact on you, your colleagues and your patients.

ANA Webinar
The Navigating the Work Environment: Embracing Zero Tolerance for Bullying webinar is July 22, 2011 at 1:00 PM EDT (60 minutes). This informative presentation will help us all better understand, address and prevent bullying in the healthcare environment. The webinar is Free for ANA Members and $15.00 for Non-Members. Learn More & Register Today...

Tip Cards: Bullying in the Workplace
These tip cards are the perfect resource to pass on to members of your staff. Each laminated 3.5" x 6.75" tip card shows examples of lateral violence and bullying behaviors in the workplace. The flip side offers ways to effectively respond to such behavior. Each package contains 25 bullying cards. Cards are not sold separately and are not for individual sale. Order today from