Sign the Petition to Get Health Care Reform DONE!

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Tuesday, February 23, 2010, the American Nurese Association (ANA) circulated our “Let’s Get It Done!” petition urging action on Health Care Reform to our grassroots contacts. This petition does not advocate for one health care reform proposal over the other – it urges people to help build momentum for meaningful reform by signing a petition to Congress.

We need to show Congress that we agree with the President – health care reform shouldn’t be a partisan issue, and it needs to be passed NOW! Show your support by signing the "Let’s Get It Done!" petition to Congress, urging them to pass meaningful health care reform!

What does it mean for you?
The President’s proposal puts consumers first by focusing on affordability, access, and insurer accountability. It ends discrimination against Americans with pre-existing conditions, provides health insurance for over 31 million Americans who currently don’t have insurance, and makes it more affordable for those that do by providing the largest middle class tax cut in health care history.

The President’s plan directly calls for an increase in the number of nurses in the United States. It also aims to address the critical problems facing nursing today – workforce shortage and nursing retention.

Sign the “Let’s Get It Done!” petition to Congress – and tell your friends and colleagues to sign it too!

To read more about the President’s proposal go to our toolkit.