Make a Difference in the Lives of Nurses

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ANF making a difference in the lives of nurses! And, you can, too!

The American Nurses Foundation (ANF) was founded as the educational, scientific and charitable arm of the American Nurses Association (ANA). Over the years, ANF has played a vital role in providing support for some of the major scientific studies of the profession.

Chronic pain is the nation’s leading disabler for 25 million Americans; many suffer from the physical pain and the psychological problems associated with this devastating health issue. The comfort that many of these individuals have today is notable because the ANF was there when Kate Lorig, DrPh, RN wanted to make a positive impact. Lorig was able to begin her research through the ANF Nursing Research Grants (NRG) program.

Today, you can make a difference in the lives of nurses through a tax-deductible donation. Because each of us has been touched by the significant work of these nurses who are supported by ANF we ask you to make a year-end donation today for nursing tomorrow!