ANA Urges Nurses to Vote in Modern Healthcare's "100 Most Powerful People in Healthcare"

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The American Nurses Association (ANA), the largest nursing organization in the U.S., encourages nurses to show support for the leaders in our profession by nominating nurses for Modern Healthcare’s 100 Most Powerful People in Healthcare” ranking. Nurses played a key role in the passage of health reform legislation this year. We helped make history! Getting nurse leaders included in the “Most Powerful” rankings is an excellent way to bring much deserved visibility to the nursing profession.

How does it work? Every year, associations go to their members and ask them to nominate their President, Chief Executive Officer or Executive Director here. Modern Healthcare will place the 300 people who receive the most nominations on a final ballot and post it on their Web site, Most Powerful People in Healthcare Then, readers will visit the site again to vote for the 10 candidates they believe should make the final list of the "100 Most Powerful."

The 100 people who receive the most votes make the final list with the ranking determined by number of votes received. The magazine reserves the right to resolve voting irregularities. Nominations for inclusion on the ballot will be accepted Monday, April 5 through Friday, May 7. Voting to determine the “100 Most Powerful People in Healthcare” will take place Monday, May 24 through Friday June 25. The final ranking will be published in the Aug. 23, 2009, issue of Modern Healthcare.