New Articles Posted on Two Previous OJIN Topics

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OJIN: The Online Journal of Issues in Nursing is ANA's peer-reviewed, international, on-line publication. New articles have been posted in OJIN on two previously posted topics.

Influenza Vaccination in Healthcare Workers: Should it be Mandatory?, a timely new article by Paula Sullivan under the 2006 OJIN topic “Infectious Diseases: Challenges and Solutions,” reviews influenza epidemiology, prevention, vaccination, and evidence related to the benefits of vaccination, and discusses the elimination of barriers to vaccination.

Just added to the popular 2001 OJIN topic “The Nursing Shortage: Is This Cycle Different?” is the article Moving On, Up, or Out: Changing Work Needs of New RNs at Different Stages of Their Beginning Nursing Practice by Pellico, Djukic, Kovner, and Brewer. These authors describe a study about the work experiences of a national cohort of 229 RNs who participated in a survey on work environment at two different time periods. Findings indicated that the working environment of RNs impacts both nurses’ satisfaction and their dissatisfaction. Suggestions from the nurses themselves are used to guide strategies to improve the work environment and retain nurses.