Latest Postings on Previous OJIN Topics

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New articles have been posted on topics previously posted on OJIN: The Online Journal of Issues in Nursing.

New to topic, Shared Governance: Is It a Model for Nurses to Gain Control Over Their Practice? is an article by Larkin and colleagues, “Empowerment Theory in Action: The Wisdom of Collaborative Governance.” This article illustrates how collaborative governance can promote empowerment by demonstrating the link between committee work, empowerment, and professional development experienced by members of a Nursing Research Committee.

Authors Dal and Kitis recently contributed to the Nursing Around The World: What Are the Commonalities and Differences? topic with their article, “The Historical Development and Current Status of Nursing in Turkey." Dal and Kitis tell the story of the historical development and current status of nursing in Turkey.

The topic Administrative Ethics: What's Your Integrity Quotient (IQ)? has a new article by Falk and Chong, “Beyond the Bedside: Nurses, a Critical Force in the Macroallocation of Resources.” This article examines macroallocation and microallocation of scarce resources in health care, including participation of nurses in macroallocation and microallocation of these resources, and types of allocation challenges within health care.

Finally, an article by Cox, “Manmade Disasters: A Historical Review of Terrorism and Implications for the Future” updates the Emergency Preparedness: Planning for Disaster Response topic by providing a brief history of terrorist events, discussion of tactics used by terrorists, and the status of specific nursing competencies and evidence-based practices.