Nursing’s Part in Change You Can Believe In

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You’ve voted; now make sure your voice is heard! As President-elect Barack Obama prepares to take office, he and his team are collecting the public’s thoughts on a number of issues.  This is your opportunity to stress that guaranteed, high-quality, affordable health care needs to be the top domestic item on the agenda.  Share your stories, offer your ideas, and join ANA in getting involved in the process.

Nurses are the only clinical health care professionals focused on patient-centered care coordination, giving them a unique perspective on what is broken in the current health care system and how it can be fixed to the advantage of all patients.  Therefore, nurses need to be at the table discussing next steps in health care reform, sharing this insight.  ANA has started that conversation on behalf of nurses, bringing valuable information to the attention of the next administration.  Here are a few key nursing priorities to address in upcoming health care reform:

  • Nursing Voice: Nursing knowledge and experience regarding health care delivery needs to be a part of solution.
  • Nursing Workforce Development and Deployment: The nursing shortage must be addressed to ensure high-quality care.  This includes working to attract nurses to the profession and retain nursing faculty.
  • Full Utilization of Nursing Skill and Education: Advanced Practice RNs need to be available as primary care givers in a reformed health system for disease prevention and wellness.
  • Nurse Staffing: Nursing workforce issues need to be part of comprehensive health care reform in order to promote safe staffing and patient safety.

Now, Obama wants to hear from you.  Have your say! (