2009 Christiane Reimann Prize Nominations

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The International Council of Nurses (ICN) is seeking nominations for the 2009 Christiane Reimann Prize. This prestigious award is made possible through the bequest of the first full time Executive Secretary of ICN, Christiane Reimann of Denmark. The prize is awarded every four years to one or more Registered Nurses, who have made a significant impact on the nursing profession internationally, or through the nursing profession for the benefit of humanity. Presentation of the award will be made during the 2009 ICN Congress in Durban, South Africa, 20-26 June, 2009. Additional information about the award can be found at www.icn.ch/awards.htm#cr.

A nominee may be an individual nurse or a group of two or three nurses who have worked together on the same project. Nominations may come from any source and may be made by individuals, groups of individuals, or organizations. Nominations do not have to be made or supported by the American Nurses Association (ANA). However, all nominations must be channeled through the ANA in order to verify the nominee’s membership within ANA. Each individual or organization may nominate only one nominee or one group nominee.

Please note that nomination forms must be received at ICN headquarters by September 30, 2008. Original documents are required for consideration by the ICN Selection Committee. In order to ensure prompt membership verification by ANA, all nominees for membership verification must be sent to ANA c/o Cheryl Peterson by September 17, 2008.

The nomination form below is an interactive pdf and requires at least a version 7 of Adobe Acrobate Reader in order to fill it out.)