Nurses Workgroup Mini-Grant RFP, Round Seven

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Health Care Without Harm is announcing Round Seven of the Nurses Workgroup Mini-Grant Program. The Mini-Grant program is designed to support innovative efforts to expand and deepen the involvement of nurses in environmental health issues, to promote advocacy activities and to encourage those initiatives that showcase collaborative efforts between nurses and environmental organizations. The HCWH Mini-Grant program welcomes all applications for funding from members of the HCWH Nurses Workgroup, participants of "RN No Harm" workshops and other mini-grant funded workshops; participants of the Commonweal 2004 Initiative, ANA Constituent Member Associations, Specialty Nursing Organizations, Luminaries, Beacons and Guiding Lights of the Luminary Project, Unions that represent nurses, Schools of Nursing, nurse participants of Clean Med 2006, and HCWH Workgroups that wish to develop or expand their relationships with nurses. The proposal is due December 14th, 2007.

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