Southern California Nurses Show Courage and Professionalism

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The American Nurses Association (ANA) would like to thank nurses in Southern California for their professionalism as they continue to respond to the wildfires.

Nurses at hospitals throughout the San Diego area continue to show their dedication to patients despite personal difficulties, such as losses or evacuation, hospital officials say. Some nurses are working round-the-clock shifts when their day replacements cannot get to work due to road closures, while others are staying on to ensure that patients are routed to beds or evacuated safely.  And  of course all of the nurses on the fire lines, shelter lines and shelter locations, working with the food trucks and other vehicles from American Red Cross. 

Currently at this time, firefighters were able to get a handle on some of the wildfires tearing through Southern California, but it could still take several weeks to get complete control of the blazes.