New Blog Post About Staff Nurse Salaries

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ANA's One Strong Voice blog has a new post,  "Average Staff Nurse Wages Beat
 Inflation by Only Half of One."  based on the Bureau
 of Labor Statistics (BLS) data on compensation of private hospital staff nurses.

Review of BLS quarterly data from 2002 through the end of 2012 shows that Staff Nurse wage growth has basically only kept up with inflation: beating inflation by only half of one percent each year. With a few exceptions, wages have been flat from quarter to quarter and year to year. Inflation adjusted annual average wages (in 2012 dollars) went from $67,576 in March 2002 to $71,469 in December 2012. Fringe benefits have increased at a slightly higher pace: increasing in inflation adjusted dollars by 1.7% per year. The single largest component of the growth in fringe benefits was health insurance costs, responsible for 40% of the total increase.

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