Organizational Affiliates

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ANA's affiliates are nursing organizations that belong to ANA as organizations. Working together, ANA and these organizations seek to share information and collaborate in finding solutions to issues that face the nursing profession, regardless of specialty. Affiliates each hold a voting seat in both ANA’s House of Delegates and ANA’s Congress of Nursing Practice and Economics. While each organization maintains its own autonomy, the nursing profession and health care consumers benefit from opportunities to speak with aligned voices as a result of the collaboration that occurs with ANA and our affiliates. Connect to the Organizational Affiliates state and regional chapters.

An organizational affiliate of ANA is an association that 1) is a national nursing organization that meets criteria established by the ANA House of Delegates. 2) has been granted organizational affiliate status by the Board of Directors.

*Organizational Affiliate Premier members create stronger synergy by purchasing discounted ANA e-memberships for their individual members. Individual members of OA Premier Organizations receive digital access to ANA’s journals and e-newsletters, free and discounted access to a range of professional development programs, and through their membership, strengthen ANA’s advocacy on behalf of nurses.

If you are interested in becoming an Affiliate, please read the ANA Organizational Affiliate Offering & Application [pdf] and contact with additional questions.

Also affiliated with ANA are the Constituent and State Nurses Associations as well as the subsidiaries, American Nurse Foundation, American Nurses Credentialing Center, and the American Academy of Nursing.