Pearl McIver Public Health Nurse Award

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The Pearl McIver Public Health Nurse Award recognizes the outstanding professional contribution of one public health nurse and calls this achievement to the attention of members of the profession as well as the general public. This award was first bestowed upon Pearl McIver by the Public Health Nurses Section of the ANA at the 1956 ANA convention. The Pearl McIver Public Health Nurse Fund was established in 1956 under the sponsorship of a group of nurses and others within the U.S. Public Health Nurse Service to honor Pearl McIver who was to retire on July 1, 1957. 

About Pearl McIver

Pearl McIver's career with the U.S. Public Health Service began in 1922 and spanned 35 years and several positions, from child hygiene nurse assigned to the Missouri State Board of Health to chief of the Office of Public Health Nursing. Her activities reflected her energy, professionalism and dedication to public health nursing. She was active in the American Public Health Association, the American Red Cross, and the Council of Federal Nursing. She was president of the ANA from 1948 to 1950 and executive director of the American Journal of Nursing Company from 1957 to 1959. This award is a lasting tribute to Pearl McIver, who died in 1976.