Mary Ellen Patton Staff Nurse Leadership Award

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Recognizing significant contributions to the professional advancement of staff nurses and improvement of the general welfare of staff nurses.

Established in 1995 to recognize an individual staff nurse who has made significant contributions to the professional advancement of staff nurses and improvement of the general welfare of staff nurses, and who has demonstrated leadership in the nursing profession.

Mary Ellen Patton Award

Mary Ellen Patton, RN, has exemplified the qualities of a staff nurse leader for over twenty years as a local, district, and state officer and on the ANA Board of Directors. As a staff nurse, Mary Ellen served on the ANA Board of Directors for eight years while also serving as the Ohio Nurses Association Treasurer for four of those years. Patton has continually served the local unit and district in many capacities and continues to serve ANA on various committees. Mary Ellen has shown staff nurses that it is not only important to be involved but it is possible to do it as a staff nurse. She has been an inspirational role model and mentor to staff nurses all over the country as an often-requested speaker, ANA board member and a founding member of the Institute of Constituent Member Collective Bargaining Programs. She has won the Mary Ellen Patton Staff Nurse Leadership Award (1996), ANA Shirley Titus Award (1982), the Ohio Nurses Association Diamond Jubilee Nurse Award (1989), the YMCA Woman of the Year (1990), and the Youngstown Recognition of Leadership (1988-1989). She has stimulated involvement with community projects by her multitude of activities with children and handicap organizations such as "Fulfill a Dearm of Hoio," "Year of the Handicapped" park project and "Year of the Child" project.

2012 Recipient

Marsha A. Martin, RN, CCRN, TNCCMarsha Martin, RN, CCRN, TNCC
Florida Nurses Association

Marsha A. Martin is a leader with a strong voice advocating on behalf of staff nurses and patients. As a trauma care nurse at Shands Hospital at the University of Florida, she is passionate about providing high quality care to those who are critically ill or injured. She is equally passionate about fair treatment for nurses in the workplace.

Martin is described as fair-minded, able to appreciate the many facets of employment relations, and highly respected across the state for her collective bargaining leadership.

She believes in the visibility of staff nurses and works to ensure their rights through collective bargaining. She has spent countless hours representing nurses in the grievance process and educated herself about labor law, the contents of the Shands Collective Bargaining Unit Agreement, and Shands Hospital rules and policies to represent nurses to the best of her ability.

Martin has served in varied leadership roles for the Shands Collective Bargaining Unit, including as president since 2004 and as director at large for the Florida Center for Nursing. Since 2008, she has served as the chair of the Florida Nurses Association Labor and Employment Relations Commission, where she represents the concerns of staff nurses in her facility and across the state of Florida.

Martin is a long-standing member of the Florida Nurses Association and American Nurses Association and has been elected to many leadership positions, including district president and member of the board of directors. Her accolades for her collective bargaining and staff nurse advocacy are numerous. In 2009, the Florida Nurses Association recognized her with the Great 100 Nurses of Florida Award in the category of “Role Model.” Martin was appointed by the governor to serve on the Board of Directors of the Florida Center for Nursing, representing direct care nurses.