Alma Elizabeth Gault (1891-1981) 1984 Inductee

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Alma Gault
ANA Hall of Fame Inductee

Throughout fifty years of service, Alma Elizabeth Gault contributed significantly to nursing practice, education, and integration in nursing. She received her basic nursing education from the Philadelphia General Hospital School of Nursing, where she later became head nurse.

Her account of this experience is one of her earliest articles on clinical nursing. In 1944, she became dean of Meharry Medical College School of Nursing, a black school in Nashville, TN. Gault first developed a diploma program that received accreditation and later developed a baccalaureate program which allowed Meharry to become the first segregated black school to hold membership in the American Association of Collegiate Schools of Nursing. In 1953, Gault became associate professor and then acting dean of the School of Nursing at Vanderbilt University, Nashville. She retired in 1959 as associate professor emeritus, but returned in 1965 to become dean of the school. Upon her retirement as dean, the mayor of Nashville proclaimed Alma Gault Day in recognition of her achievements.