Isabel Maitland Stewart (1878-1963) 1976

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Isabel StewartProlific author and leader in the development of nursing school curriculum, Isabel Maitland Stewart also was instrumental in the early development of nursing research. Stewart spent her early years in Canada, then entered the program for nurses at Teachers College, Columbia University. At Teachers College, she earned both B.S. and M.A. degrees.

In 1925, she succeeded Adelaide Nutting as chairman of the Department of Nursing Education at Teachers College. In that capacity she was involved in writing three classics: The Standard Curriculum for Schools of Nursing, A Curriculum for Schools of Nursing and A Curriculum Guide for Schools of Nursing. Stewart co-authored A Short History of Nursing with Lavinia Dock and A History of Nursing with Anne Austin. During her career at Teachers College, Stewart participated in many early nursing research studies. She was not only recognized as a nursing leader, but also earned a national reputation as an eminent historian.