Linda Anne Judson Richards (1841-1930) 1976 Inductee

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ANA Hall of Fame Inductee  Linda Richards

America's first trained nurse, Linda Anne Judson Richards, has long been recognized for her significant innovations in the nursing profession. Richards, who graduated from the New England Hospital for Women and Children in 1873, introduced the concept of keeping patient records, such as nurse's notes and doctor's orders. She also instituted the practice of nurses wearing uniforms. Richards added another "first" to her professional record when she became the first stockholder in the American Journal of Nursing.

She bought the initial share of stock for $100. Richards brought credit to nursing for her pioneer work in industrial and psychiatric nursing and for her missionary work in Japan. In 1911, she was named Emeritus Superintendent of Nurses at Taunton Asylum. Earlier in her career, Richards served as the first Superintendent of Nurses at Massachusetts General Hospital. In that capacity, she developed the program and proved that trained nurses gave better care than those without formal nurses training.