Mary E.P. Davis (1840-1924) 1982 Inductee

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 ANA Hall of Fame Inductee  Mary Davis

Mary E.P. Davis served as a business manager of The American Journal of Nursing from 1900-1909. In 1900, with 550 stock subscriptions sold, she and her colleagues published the first issue of the Journal.

When the post office in Philadelphia refused to accept this issue for mailing, Davis made herself and her editor personally responsible for the magazine to the postal authorities.

Davis was among the founders of the American Society of Superintendents of Training Schools for Nurses, later renamed National League for Nursing. A supporter of a rigorous education for nurses, with its own theory and curriculum, Davis observed, "The hospital is the place par excellence to teach the art of nursing and to practice the science, but it is not the best place, or even a good place, to teach the concomitants...The school is...for the purpose of acquiring theoretical knowledge of the practical work required, so that the work from the beginning of the probation shall be intelligently, not mechanically, performed."