ANA Publishes Bullying in the Workplace

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Studies report that between 18 percent and 31 percent of nurses have been the targets of bullying behaviors at all levels of practice. Nurses suffer personally, employers lose employees, and patients pay a price, too. The experience and serious costs of sustained physical and emotional abuse even have caught the attention of Hollywood. Attention was focused on the topic of bullying with the March 30, 2012 release of the documentary film Bullying. The documentary confronts the tragic outcomes of such behavior and gives an intimate glimpse into the struggle to find answers.

Responding to the needs of nurses, the American Nurses Association (ANA) created a new timely, informative publication, Bullying in the Workplace: Reversing a Culture, that sheds new light on this growing social problem affecting nurses. This publication helps nurses understand and deal with bullying and its perpetrators and to counter the culture of bullying in their work environments.