Lobby Day

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Wednesday, June 16 8-3:30
Lincoln East and Monroe Rooms, Hilton Washington
1919 Connecticut Ave, NW, Washington DC
**Registered participants only!**

Thank you for registering to attend ANA’s Lobby Day, This Wednesday, June 16!  As promised, we’ve taken care of all of your appointments for the day, and we are looking forward to seeing you at the 8 a.m. Lobby Day Briefing that morning. 

The briefing is important, so please arrive on time! The Agenda for the 8-9:30 am briefing is online here.  That morning we’ll give you packets that include everything you’ll need for the day, including your appointment schedule, metro and Capitol Hill maps, and details on the key lobby day issues. If you want to read up on these in advance visits check them out online!

Lobby Day Issues

Tips for the day:

Dress professionally, but wear comfortable shoes!
(DC is made for walking and you’re sure to do a good bit of it as you make your visits on Capitol Hill)

Avoid wearing bulky metal jewelry that could make getting through security in the House and Senate office buildings more challenging.

Have some cash on hand.  ANA will be providing you but transportation to the hill, and the distance between appointments is walkable for most, but if you forgot those comfortable shoes or a sudden thunderstorm crops up, you may want to catch a cab. 

Also, because attendees will be finishing their appointments and heading back to the hotel at different times that day, attendees will be cabbing or taking a short metro ride back to the hotel that afternoon.  Cab fares for one person:

    From Hilton to Capitol Hill: approx$7-8 (according the cab stand at the hotel) 
    From one side of Capitol Hill to the other:  approx. $5 
    Add $1 per additional person in cab