Voting Basics

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The right to vote in the United States is a core principle of our nation’s democracy.  And with this privilege comes the responsibility to be a registered, informed, and participating voter.  Towards that end, we have compiled some relevant resources which have myriads of voting and election-related information you might find helpful.

Every state sets different election dates for their primary and runoff elections as well as for voter registration and absentee ballot requests.  Some states have also instituted “Early Voting” procedures which allow voters to vote at designated sites before Election Day.  No longer are there any excuses for not getting to the polls!
This site is sponsored by the League of Women Voters Education Fund.  It is a great site to find information about:

  • election dates
  • voter registration
  • early voting and absentee ballots
  • critical deadlines
  • contact information for your state and local election officials
    This web page, by the National Association of Secretaries of States, is an excellent resource on the following voting-related issues:

    • STEP 1: Find out if You’re Registered
    • STEP 2: Locate Your Polling Place
    • STEP 3: Know What Kind of ID is Required
    • STEP 4: Save The Date
    • STEP 5: Learn about the Candidates
    • STEP 6: Be a Poll Worker
    • STEP 7: VOTE!

    Overseas Vote Foundation:
    Tens of thousands of eligible, U.S. voters are living overseas, many of who are serving in the military.  Regardless of whether you have previously registered or voted before, this site provides voter registration assistance, critical deadlines, election official contact information, and Frequently Asked Questions (in The Voter Help Desk section) for those military and non-military persons living overseas.  Even if you do not need the resources of this site, make sure your overseas friends and relatives know about it!

    Project Vote Smart:
    Like many of the other resources presented here, Project Vote Smart also can direct users to voter registration and election official information.  This site has links to political resources and information including candidates, Members of Congress, congressional committees, and issue organizations.

    The Green Papers
    Try and look beyond the bright green background of this site and you will find a wealth of interesting current and historical information about candidates, elections, election dates and state and local government.

    Exercise Your Right To Vote!