National Day of Advocacy

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“Every nurse has the opportunity to make a positive impact on the profession through day-to-day advocacy for nurses and the nursing profession.”

“[Florence] Nightingale demonstrated that advocacy is what gives power to the caring nurse. One of the most effective tools that she employed was advocacy, both for individuals and for the nursing collective.” (OJIN)

All nurses are advocates!  Nurses advocate for their patients every day and the need for advocacy doesn’t stop at the bedside. When we come together to advocate for the profession as a whole, patients and nurses benefit. May 12th is celebrated as International Nurses Day each year in honor of Florence Nightingale’s birthday.  To continue her legacy, May 12th is also the National Day of Advocacy for Nurses.

ANA works every day to make sure the strong, ethical voice of nursing is heard. We can’t do it alone. There is power in numbers, especially when those numbers make up the most trusted profession in the country. When nurses speak, Washington listens.

One issue that unites nurses is the need for safe staffing in order to provide quality care to patients. It is exciting to see nurses around the country resolve to advocate for the profession and for patient safety.  Whether you can devote the day to making your voice heard or only have a few minutes to spare, help make a difference because #SafeStaffingSavesLives!

What will you do to champion the profession?

Safe Staffing Rally
On May 12, nurses will gather in Washington, DC for a grassroots event to raise awareness around safe staffing.  If you want to attend but can’t make it to DC, events are also being planned in state capitals.

Write to Congress
Have your say by writing your members of Congress to support Safe Staffing! You can also take a look at the list of key nursing issues to take action on and make sure your representatives know where you stand!

Share Your Story
Nurses see firsthand the effects issues like staffing have on patients. Tell us what you’re seeing! What is often most effective when meeting with Members of Congress is sharing the stories of nurses in their constituency.

Register to Vote
The first step in advocacy is voting for candidates who reflect your views and will represent your needs. It doesn’t take long and now is the perfect time to register, if you haven’t yet, so that you can have your say in this fall’s election.

Leap into Leadership
One of the best paths to bringing about change is to become a leader. There are many ways to lead; one way is to serve on a Board. Nurses need to have a seat at the table. If you are interested in serving, sign up with the Nurses on Boards Coalition.

Nightingale Moment
Wherever you are at noon on May 12th, if you can spare just a moment, join the American Holistic Nurses Association in a brief pause to celebrate the dedication and heart of nurses. It’s one small way to join in unity with nurses world-wide and relight the lamp.

Stay Up-To-Date
Follow RNAction on Facebook and Twitter and sign up for ANA Advocacy Alerts to get the latest updates on legislative issues.