Navigating Nursing: How to Create the Change You Want

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Do you want to improve some aspect of your life? Do you feel trapped in your career, your relationships, your personal habits? The authors and researchers of the New York Times bestseller, Change Anything, studied the behaviors of 5,000 people hoping to make major changes in their lives. This study led to the development of strategies that may be used in creating a new approach to behavior change.

Navigate Nursing hosted David Maxfield, coauthor of Change Anything, in a riveting webinar that focused on nurses and the skills needed to effect change both personally and professionally. Mr. Maxfield, Vice President of Research at VitalSmarts, discussed life-limiting habits and how nurses may create and implement a successful, individualized plan for change.

This very special Navigate Nursing webinar may have a life-lasting impact on you.

Learning Objectives


Nurses will gain new knowledge to effect change in their personal and professional lives.


Participants will:

  1. Examine life and career limiting habits
  2. Create a personal or professional change plan